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School Events
•  Mustache Monday
•  Twisted Mix 'n Match Day
•  Wacky Sock Day
•  Seuss Character Day
•  Seuss Character Parade
Time: 2:15 PM
•  Seuss-a-Paloosa
Time: 6:00 PM
•  Crazy hair/hat Day
The Leader in Me
Richlands Primary is a Leader in Me School! Richlands Primary School is very excited to continue The Leader in Me as the...

Students at RPS collected an impressive 3,368 canned goods and other food items in one week to give to Christmas Cheer....
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Congratulations to our school for winning two awards for Red Ribbon Week! Kindergarten students were given a trophy...
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The Richlands High School S2S Club and Richlands Primary have created a reading partnership.  RHS S2S members volunteer...
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Richlands Primary School staff members graciously accepted a large assortment of classroom supplies from members of the...
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If you want to limit your youngster's TV time, try this idea. Every week, give your child seven slips of paper. Each is good...

School Calendar

"What's in your backpack?" Greet your child with this question, and you'll discover a lot about what they do...


Bullying survival tips Ignore the bully and walk away - This is not a coward's response; sometimes it is harder than losing...

Labels for Education and Food Lion would like to announce some exciting news. Now there's another way to earn FREE stuff for...
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Watch for these warning signs: •Ø Withdrawal •Ø Loss of friends •Ø Drop in grades •Ø...