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December News  


Monday, November 28, 2016

                I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. With only 3 weeks of school till Christmas break it is imperative your child is working on sight words daily at home. Remember, students must have at least 25 words by the middle of January which is midyear. Make sure your child is reading the books that are coming home daily and working on the comprehension questions in their homework folder. Make sure you look at the bottom of the homework sheet for the writing topic for the week. The Kindergarten team is going to be meeting to discuss homework next week and changes may be made to make sure students are completing homework.

                We will be learning rhyming words, the –at and –ed word family, reindeer, writing about Christmas and beginning the unit on shapes. I have added the sight words said, come, here, they, look, play and with to our class list. These are words they will see in the level C and D books. Please make sure to practice these words at home. If you have not made sight word flash cards it may be a good idea to and practice them for a few minutes every night.

                We will be putting up a Christmas tree in the classroom and students will be making various ornaments to hang on the tree. If your family does not celebrate Christmas or Santa please let me know so we can be respectful of your family’s beliefs.


Do not forget to send your child with a snack the first week of school. Our snack rotation will begin September 6th. I have uploaded the calendar for snacks under forms and will be sending home a paper copy on your child's first day of school.

Welcome 2016-2017  

Welcome to our class webpage. I am very excited to spend the next year teaching your children and getting to watch them soar! It will be a very exciting year as our school begins our journey implementing The Leader In Me! Please visit the schools webpage under latest news to learn more about this exciting endeavor!  We have a parent only informational meeting Wednesday the 24th and will begin promptly at 5:30 in our classroom. When you enter the school from the lobby go to the right towards the red hallways. Continue past the bathrooms and you will see the blue hallway. Our classroom is on the first blue hallway at the end on the right like you are walking towards the playground. Room 304. Thursday is orientation for students from 10-12 or 3-5. This is a time for your child to meet me and Mrs. Jones as well as other classmates, see the classroom and bring supplies if you have purchased them. Please explain to your child before arriving that it is not a time to play in centers. I must teach rules and expectations before they are allowed to play. 

Staggered Start List for 2016-17  

Onslow county kindergarten students follow staggered start the first three days of school. To make it convenient I have listed the dates below as well as which children will be coming on which day.

If you child's last name begins with letter A - F your child will come to school on Monday, August 29th then not again till Thursday.

If you child's last name begins with letter G - P your child will come to school on Tuesday, August 30th then not again till Thursday.

If you child's last name begins with letter  Q - Z your child will come to school on Wednesday, August 31st and again the following day.

I will go over this a little more in depth at our meeting.