Bullying Resources

Here you will find information on bullying and cyberbullying prevention and awareness.

Interactive websites for students on bullying awareness:

Bullying and Teasing: No Laughing Matter - Information from various government agencies on how both kids and parents can prevent or stop bullying. - Webisodes for students to watch. - National organization provides information, videos, PSAs, games, and activities for students to interact with.


CYBERBULLYING Resources for Parents:

Parent tips for elementary school kids

  • Keep online socializing to a minimum. Let your kids use sites like Webkinz or Club Penguin where chat is pre-scripted or pre-screened.
  • Explain the basics of correct cyber behavior. Tell your kids that things like lying, telling secrets, and being mean still hurt in cyberspace.
  • Tell your kids not to share passwords with their friends. A common form of cyberbullying is when kids log in to another child's email or social networking account and send fake messages or post embarrassing comments. Kids can protect themselves from this by learning early on that passwords are private and should only be shared with their parents. - Parent tips on Cyberbullying Prevention & Awareness.

Stop Cyberbullying Before It Starts Newsletter:

A Parent's Guide to Facebook; Connecting Safely:  (Takes a few minutes to download!) - Suggestions and tips on how to help your family use social networking appropriately and safely by utilizing Facebook's safety & privacy features to help protect your family from misuse. 

 Q&A: How is cyberbullying different from bullying?

Parents' Top 10 Cyberbullying Questions