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Program Description


Title I Program

Richlands Primary School is a Title I School which receives funds from a federally-funded program that provides assistance to schools serving students from high poverty backgrounds.  NCLB requires that all Title I schools make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) related to established student achievement goals.  Richlands Primary is very unique in that as a k-2 school, we do not participate in End of Grade testing. Therefore, Richlands Primary's AYP status is determined by the proficiency results of the grade 3-5 elementary school in which we feed; Richlands Elementary School.

In an effort to meet the needs of our students and to comply with the NCLB federal legislation, the desired result of Richlands Primary School is to have 100% of the student population at or above grade level at the end of second grade and prepared to meet the challenges of Richlands Elementary.  As a feeder school our goals and strategies for continuous improvement are linked to the needs of our students as well as the students at Richlands Elementary.  Additionally, we promote student learning by providing a challenging curriculum through educational experiences that are enjoyable and address the individual needs and learning styles of our students.


For additional information and parent letters regarding the Title I program, please reference the School Publications section of our website and click on Letters and Notifications.